Paintings for JWT productions by Marilee Tolwin 

Design by Susan Landesmann 

The Salon Sofa

It is my honor and pleasure to be a part of Jewish Women's Theatre as a writer, dramaturge and Board member. JWT was founded in Los Angeles a decade ago by Artistic Director, Ronda Spinak. She conceived a "Salon Theater," of original, cutting edge writing by, or about, Jewish women that would present the untold stories of our diversity - culturally, sexually, religiously, linguistically, socially, ethnically.... The work, selected from submissions or adapted from other sources, is performed by professional actors without sets or costumes, in private homes, in the centuries-old tradition of salons.

Each season's three productions has a theme. Some relate specifically to Jewishness - like the modern midrashes (interpretations) of biblical stories in Eden According to Eve, Unknown Stories of Biblical Proportion, and Beyond Jacob's Ladder. Other shows ask, what is it like to be a Mash-Up Jew in America ? Persian women told us in Saffron and Rosewater,  Russians told us in Past & Present, and this spring, Latino women will tell us in Chutzpah and Salsa,  There are shows where we just throw out an idea and see what writers come up with - like Uncuffed, The Moment You Knew,  or Sex, Lies and Virtual Relationships... The shows  go on to other venues and cities.  

In the Fall of 2015, we moved into our new performance and art space, The Braid, in Santa Monica. We had the happy problem of selling out our salons every night, and we still do. But we also needed more space and a place we could extend our runs and develop longer dramatic work, like Emmy- Award winning Monica Piper's hilarious Not That Jewish, which is heading to Off-Broadway later this year, after a wildly successful extended run with us. The space is also an art gallery for shows linked to the season's themes. I develop programming and am always open to hearing from people who would like to present classes, talks, films, the whole schmeer!

Come visit on Facebook and at the JWT website. See  a show! Submit your writing. We'll read it ! Email me here or go to: